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VetIT earns Functionality Champion in 2024 State of PMS Report (UK)

A recent report on the state of the UK veterinary practice management system (PMS) landscape has crowned VetIT as one of the top performers in the industry.

The report, which analysed 102 PMS solutions, evaluated each system across four key dimensions: Functionality, Integrations, Product Development, and Vendor Assessment.

VetIT, a cloud-based solution for veterinary practices, emerged as a standout performer, achieving a score of 93% in the “Best Functionality in a Veterinary Practice Management System” category. This impressive score reflects VetIT’s commitment to providing a robust and user-friendly practice management system with the functionality tailored to the unique needs of veterinary practice disciplines.

In addition to its top ranking in functionality, VetIT also took bronze in the “Veterinary Practice Management System of the Year (UK)” category, demonstrating its excellence in overall performance.

So, what sets VetIT apart from other PMS solutions? VetIT’s innovative approach, user-friendly interface, and impressive integration capabilities make it an excellent choice for any veterinary practice looking for a comprehensive and effective practice management system.

The report highlights VetIT system features, including stock management, client communication, user workflow, time savers, and financial management. The implementation process includes customisation, data conversion, training, and support, ensuring a smooth transition for veterinary practices.

VetIT’s integrations with various accounting platforms, client interaction tools, diagnostic providers, dictation tools, insurance integrations, payment acceptance integrations, reporting platforms, and wholesale integrations further solidify its position among the industry-leading PMS solutions.

The company’s commitment to continuous improvement and innovation is evident in its plans to add AI functionality and new graphic user interface features in upcoming releases. With its focus on providing exceptional service and support to veterinary practices, VetIT is poised to remain one of the top contenders in the UK PMS market.

For veterinary practices looking for a reliable and effective practice management system, VetIT is an excellent choice. With its impressive scores and commitment to innovation, it’s clear that VetIT is dedicated to helping veterinary practices succeed.

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