5 ways to improve practice profitability using your PMS

How to improve practice profitability using your Practice Management Software

No matter what kind of animals they treat, most vet practices aim to create a sustainable business model: a compassionate, skilled team that’s valued by the community, delivering an excellent service for a fair return. To get there, you need the team to work smart, managing admin, billing, appointments, stock management and all the daily

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Readers' corner - how technology can help vets manage the future of work

How tech can help vet practices manage the future of work

The Great Resignation. The War for Talent. Burn-out, stress, fatigue. Working from home. Not working from home. What do Generation Z expect from employers. Plus a few good old-fashioned New Year’s resolutions to cut stress, work smarter and leave the practice by 5pm on a Friday at least once a month. If you’re a practice

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Image of medical professional on tablet

VetIT – The best partner for your practice

There’s so much to think of, and so many things to do; from finding premises, taking on staff, setting up suppliers and financial streams. What if you could get help and support from a partner who understands exactly what makes a practice successful? NVSL provide three key solutions in one. Industry-leading practice management software (PMS)

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Female farmer using a digital tablet

The veterinary app revolutionising how equine and farm vets work!

Regardless of an internet connection, the App allows easy access to information offline and synchronises with the main PMS as soon as you reach a connection. It’s easy to manage your day by downloading appointments and location maps, so phone calls & texts need just a quick tap on the screen. Choosing the On The

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Simple technology

Login anywhere, anytime from your web or mobile network, main VetIT system or via the VetIT On The Road app Simple IT infrastructure No in house IT experts required No in house servers that fill up or need replacing, so your data storage requirements grow seamlessly with your business We’ll automatically update new versions or

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Illustration showing data cloud and servers

Cloud vs server

Is my data safe? Yes, we run backups every 15 minutes, which is much more frequently than if your data was held on a server. What happens when the internet goes down? There’s no change to your data, it’s just the connection that’s lost so you can still access from another wifi connection or location.

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Why is database Important?

Detailed, granular level reporting Sophisticated reporting can inform sales and marketing activity Bespoke data tailored to your practice and clients New applications can be easily rolled out, such as our On The Road app Multiple user logins Robust, established and flexible system Looking for more? To view our full system features list, contact us to

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On the road? No problem.

Our new ‘On The Road’ app allows for quick and easy access to any information -whenever you need it – regardless of an internet connection. The app allows you to work offline and simply updates as soon as you’re back and connected. Impressed? We know you’re going to love this in action. Checkout this video,

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