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Straight from the horse’s mouth staying connected in the field

Meet the team from Thomason & Harding, an equine practice in Cheshire, and find out how technology is help them to improve customer services.

Paul Thomason, Sophie Harding and Mike Costello spend most of the working week away from their practice and rely heavily on data provided by the VetIT ‘On The Road’ (OTR) mobile app. Logging into the app allows instant access to view their diary, the ability to add and update appointments, see details of their next visit, client and patient records and stock in their vehicle.

“All the information on the app is in real time,” explained Paul. “For instance, if we look into client details we can see account balances, where they are located on maps including traffic information and directions, travel time and mileage. We can even contact them by phone, SMS or email all from one device.”

Some of the key features of the app include:

  • Patient records drill down to the detail breed, colour and age including insurance, full medical records and prescriptions.
  • Updating clinical notes at site can be recorded by voice or text and images added for reference. This is useful if a different vet visits a practice as the information is readily available.
  • Tasks are colour coded, for example, orange indicates equipment is required and yellow shows visit is complete.
  • Any stock the vet carries can be booked out to the client from the OTR app. The vet can also monitor stock levels and values.

VetIT OTR connects to the main VetIT application which includes detailed invoices, itemising travel time, time at site, mileage, drugs administered and dispensed and equipment usage. All information is entered in real time whilst treating the animal – everything is transparent. At this practice, horse maintenance for annual flu and tetanus vaccinations are recorded on the system with reminders sent via email, post or SMS to clients.

Paul said: “At our practice ‘Booking up’ at night is the final task of the working day. One of the main advantages of using VetIT ‘On The Road’ is that you can book work without any network connection from your device, any work created will be stored offline until you are ready to synchronise back to the main VetIT application.”

Not only does the OTR app offer these features that can support the veterinary practice, there is also the ability to create marketing campaigns which can really help develop customer loyalty. Paul told us: “Recently we created a campaign targeting owners of older horses addressing preventive husbandry techniques, demonstrating our commitment to our clients. It was simple and effective and we were pleased with the results.”

“Technology has played a huge part in practice performance and productivity, creating efficiencies and improved service levels, we are very pleased with the app and how it’s benefitted our practice,” said Sophie.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the ‘On The Road’ app and how it can benefit your practice as Thomason & Harding has done please contact 01270 766454 for more information.

With over 30+ years combined experience Thomason & Harding is recognised as one of leading equine practices in the North West. Paul Thomason MA.,Vet.MB.,MRCVS, Sophie Harding BVMS, MRCVS and Mike Costello MVB, MRCVS head up the team.

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