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Benefits of the cloud and why it’s accessible to all practices

With the support of NVS and VetIT, life in the clouds can become a reality. If you’re dreaming of a better future for your practice, just look at the numerous advantages that cloud-based technology can offer you.

Being shackled to an in-practice computer system with limited access can be frustrating and time consuming. NVS and VetIT have developed a sophisticated cloud-based Practice Management System for vets everywhere – a user-friendly dashboard of live information available from any location.

An invaluable tool for you and your staff is the VetIT On the Road app which recently became available to download for iOS and Android devices. With it you can access onsite booking, stock control and enhanced diary functionality, as well as being able to request and receive payment onsite. This advanced technology helps you on the road to future-proofing your practice with easily accessed updates and advanced features. To find out how invaluable this app can be, visit for more information.

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