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When having your head in the clouds is a good thing!

Has your current IT system been a struggle through lockdowns and working between home and your practice? Then now’s the time to join the army of practices putting their heads in the clouds! Imagine being able to perform all the functions you need from any location, even the middle of a field. Our industry leading

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Working away from the practice with VetIT

As a VetIT user you will know that VetIT is a cloud based PMS, this enables you to login from anywhere where you have internet access. How do I get VetIT at home? If you have a Laptop, PC or Mac Login as you would at the practice. If you’re unsure how to do this

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The veterinary app revolutionising how equine and farm vets work!

Regardless of an internet connection, the App allows easy access to information offline and synchronises with the main PMS as soon as you reach a connection. It’s easy to manage your day by downloading appointments and location maps, so phone calls & texts need just a quick tap on the screen. Choosing the On The

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Straight from the horse’s mouth staying connected in the field

Paul Thomason, Sophie Harding and Mike Costello spend most of the working week away from their practice and rely heavily on data provided by the VetIT ‘On The Road’ (OTR) mobile app. Logging into the app allows instant access to view their diary, the ability to add and update appointments, see details of their next

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Our New partnership with VetIT

NVS IT Director, Dave Howard, explains how the system works.: “NVS and VetIT are the perfect remedies to help to safeguard your future growth. We pride ourselves on being a one-stop-IT shop. With VetIT, NVS can offer a comprehensive service to ensure that the entire needs of a typical veterinary practice like yours could run

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Benefits of the cloud and why it’s accessible to all practices

Being shackled to an in-practice computer system with limited access can be frustrating and time consuming. NVS and VetIT have developed a sophisticated cloud-based Practice Management System for vets everywhere – a user-friendly dashboard of live information available from any location. An invaluable tool for you and your staff is the VetIT On the Road

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